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Plural Word Game

29th November 2007

Plural Word Game - The plural of nucleus is nuclei as indicated in the list below
SINGULAR Select the correct PLURAL  
alga algae algas
antenna antennea antennae
armadillo armadillos armadilloes
bacillus bacilli bacillium
bacterium bacterias bacteria
crisis crises crisises
criterion criteria criterias
datum data datas
desperado desperadas desperadoes
embargo embargoes embargos
erratum errata erratums
formula formuli formulae
genus genera genuses
index indexis indices
mitochondrion mitosies mitochondria
mosquito mosquitoes mosquiti
nucleus nuclei nucleuses
ovum ovums ova
parenthesis parentheses parenthesi
phenomenon phenomenons phenomena
radius radixis radii
stratum stratumes strata
syllabus syllabusis syllabi
terminus termini terminaes
tempo tempi tempoes
theory theorys theories
thesis thesi theses
volcano volcani volcanoes
zero zeros zerox

Jackie Humphries

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